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Convenient map of the Tokaichi area.

map of the Tokaichi area

If you're sightseeing in Hiroshima, you'll definitely want to check out Tokaichi, located near the Atomic Bomb Dome. You can find information about everything from local favorite restaurants to convenient accommodations. This map brings together a collection of well-known shops that are all highly recommended. We hope you'll put it to good use during your travels.

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We publish a carefully selected list of restaurants.

Every single one is spot on! We've carefully selected a variety of local favorites. Plus, since we've gathered together a wide variety of culinary styles, you should have no trouble finding the right restaurant for you.



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Convenient Access

Tokaichi has excellent access to the main stations and is located nearby many sightseeing spots. Whether you are using the streetcar station or other modes of transport, it's a quick and easy place to begin your sightseeing journey.



Igokochi SAKABA Shun

A pub perfectly suited for parties, girls’ nights, and family get-togethers. Their specialties are thinly sliced kawahagi (filefish) and grilled fish skewers. They have counter seating and inset kotatsu tables as well. Their comfy atmosphere is another part of their popularity.


Grilled Chicken Skewers - Nakaya

A yakitori restaurant great for dates and parties. Their specialties are seseri (chicken neck) and white liver. The shop features counter seats, tables, and individual rooms, all with a traditional Japanese style.



This restaurant is great for stopping by on the way home from work, going out with your coworkers, and grabbing something to eat by yourself. It features dishes from all over the world. Their specialties are their hamburgers and T-bone steak. The restaurant has American style decor, with counter and table seating.


Charcoal Fire Yakiniku Shop Gorou

A yakiniku restaurant perfect for families and singles alike. Their specialties are their wagyu fillet, chuck flap, and bottom flap. With counter and inset kotatsu seating, the restaurant has a homey feel. Why not drop by and try some of their yakiniku?


Wine Bar Colombo

A wine bar well suited for couples and ladies. Their specialties are their all-you-can-eat prosciutto and House Smoked Platter. They have both counter and table seating. Their rich selection of wine by the glass is also popular.


Okonomiyaki and Teppanyaki Dandan

An okonomiyaki shop we recommend for international visitors, sightseers, and anyone who wants a late night bite to eat. Their specialties are their meatball soba and udon, and their reasonably priced highballs. They have counter seating, tatami rooms, and inset kotatsu tables as well. You can freely create your own custom okonomiyaki.

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Popular Italian Bar Buccellati

An Italian restaurant great for office workers and families alike. Their specialties are pasta, bagna càuda, and carpaccio. With both counter and table seating, the restaurant has a homey feel. A popular place to get reasonably priced Italian food.


Musashi Dobashi-ten

A Japanese restaurant perfect for lunch, dinner, and parties. Their specialties are tawara-musubi (barrel-shaped onigiri), wakadori-musubi (chicken onigiri), and genki udon and soba. The restaurant has a modern Japanese style, with seating at counters, tatami, or individual rooms. They're also popular for their bento (boxed lunch) selection.


J-Hoppers Hiroshima

A gesthouse recommended for traveling, sightseeing, and work trips alike. With an easily accessible location, it's convenient for sightseeing. There are both dormitory and individual rooms available, and plenty of opportunities for guests to meet and greet each other. They're popular for their friendly staff and comfortable at-home atmosphere.


Business Ryokan Harada

A business inn recommended for business trips and sightseeing. With a spacious grand bath and washing machines available, the convenience of the facilities is a definite part of their popularity. The interiors will make you feel right at home, with both Japanese-style rooms and western beds available.